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Orthodontic services:

Initial Examination


the initial evaluation of a child/adolescent is to answer three main concerns:

1) What type of orthodontic problems exist?
2) Does the child require braces?
3) If so, when do we need to get started?


Adults usually present with a relapse of previous orthodontic treatment they would like corrected or never had braces and are wondering if treatment is still possible (Almost always the answer is yes! Nearly a third of orthodontic patients are adults.) The initial evaluation is to understand yours and your general dentists concerns and to determine if other dental treatment would be required prior to orthodontic treatment.

Discussion of probable treatment plan, fees, insurance, and payment plans.

Records Appointment

If it is determined that orthodontic treatment is needed to meet your goals then a records appointment will be scheduled.  At this appointment the following will be accomplished as a baseline and to aid in the formation of the treatment plan:

Medical and Dental History

Photographs of the face and mouth
Cephalometric x-rays (lateral skull film)
Impressions of the mouth to produce a 3 dimensional model
A recording of how your upper and lower jaws fit together
A thorough examination of your head, neck, teeth and soft tissues in the mouth

Consultation and Placement of Braces (may be 1 or 2 appointments)

Discussion of detailed treatment plan, possible alternatives and informed consent
Expectation of how long treatment will take
Discussion of cooperation required from the patient


Instructions on care of appliances with doctor or clinical assistant will take place at the consultation appointment and when the appliances are placed.  Good oral hygiene and diet are extremely important to a satisfying result.

Emergency Services

Most orthodontic problems may be handled with the instructions on this website or with the instructions provided to you at appliance placement.  If it is a problem that requires attention before the next clinic day then Dr. Bentele or a member of the orthodontic coverage group will assist you. 
Telephone: 719-268-7138

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